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Helping investors gain some predictability with both investing FOR retirement, and creating the income you need IN retirement through a disciplined Investment System  
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Investing Philosophy

“Study after study shows that investing on emotion or without a system can be dangerous to your wealth. For example, research firm Dalbar found that investors on their own underperformed the market over a 20 year period by 5.81% per year! This gap in market performance versus investor performance has been dubbed the Behavior Gap. This has investors buying high and selling low. Decisions are driven by emotions. Most investors DO NOT have a system to rely upon, so they make decisions based upon their emotions with devastating effects.

What is an investor to do? We believe that the ANTIDOTE to making unsound, imprudent decisions based upon emotions is a SYSTEMATIC process to help override emotions, and stick to a prudent, investment plan. “

- Radon Stancil


What can you do to help manage your wealth for the long term to reach your goals? How can we help to preserve and grow capital and avoid downside risk?

When can you retire? How do you fund your lifestyle in retirement from income derived from your nest egg?

We have developed what we feel is a unique investment system to answer these questions for our clients. The System has two main components:

  1. Predictable growth to help you save and invest FOR retirement.
  2. Wealth preservation and income creation IN retirement.


Predictable Growth for Those Saving and Investing for Retirement

For those accumulating wealth and investing for retirement, we create a diverse, custom portfolio according to both your goals and how you would like your money to behave.

We help you stay invested and benefit from the power of the markets over the long-term to create the returns you need.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you:

- Create a custom investment portfolio based on your goals for retirement,
- Stay invested to benefit from the long-term growth trends of the markets, and
- Select from the best available investment options with only your goals in mind.


Wealth Preservation and Income to Fund Your Lifestyle in Retirement

For those in retirement, we structure your nest egg to create the long-term growth you will need for the future and to fight the eroding power of inflation. We also set-up the short-term income streams you need to pay your expenses.

We help you transition into retirement, balance your growth and income needs, and help you invest well into later years for peace of mind.

Key benefits of this strategy include helping you:

- Transition into retirement and manage your portfolio through the retirement years,
- Balance the need for short-term cash flow and long-term preservation and growth, and
- Avoid big market downturns by using a trending process, NOT a timing process.

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